Craft has achieved an outstanding Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 67. This exceptional score highlights our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, and sets a new benchmark in the enterprise SaaS industry.

What is NPS?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a powerful metric used to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is calculated based on responses to a single question: “On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this product/service to a friend or colleague?” 

Scores of 9 or 10 are categorized as promoters, 7 or 8 as passives, and 0 to 6 as detractors. The NPS is then calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. 

For example, if we surveyed 100 customers and received the following responses:

  • 60 customers rated us 9 or 10 (Promoters)
  • 25 customers rated us 7 or 8 (Passives)
  • 15 customers rated us 0 to 6 (Detractors)

The NPS would be calculated as follows:

  • Promoter percentage: 60%
  • Detractor percentage: 15%

NPS = 60% – 15% = 45

Craft received 23 promoters, 4 passives, and 3 detractors, with an average score of 9.

Craft’s NPS of 67 and Why it Matters

An NPS of 67 places Craft well above the enterprise SaaS industry average of 42, signifying an exceptional level of customer satisfaction. Achieving an NPS of 67 is no small feat. This outstanding score reflects the high level of trust and satisfaction our customers have in Craft’s platform and services. It highlights our commitment to delivering exceptional value and fostering strong, collaborative relationships with our clients.

Our customers, ranging from commercial enterprises to governmental organizations, rely on Craft for its comprehensive data fabric and advanced risk mitigation engine

As one customer in Space Operations Command noted:

“Craft optimizes the deliverables we provide to leadership in Space Operations Command, and could be easily scaled to enhance cross-organizational coordination and collaboration to advance space capabilities.” 

This kind of feedback underscores the tangible benefits our platform brings to diverse organizations.

How Craft Plans to Continue Customer Engagement

Maintaining and improving our high NPS is a priority at Craft. We plan to continue engaging with our customers through regular feedback loops, ensuring our platform evolves to meet their changing needs. We will focus on enhancing user experience, expanding our data capabilities, and providing unparalleled customer support.

Our platform’s usability and comprehensive information are frequently praised by our customers. For instance, users have described Craft as having a “wealth of information,” and noted that it “includes a wide array of small companies” and is “easy to find comprehensive information on companies of interest.” 

By continuously refining our platform based on user feedback, we aim to maintain our position as a trusted partner in supply chain resilience.

What This Means for the Industry at Large

Craft’s impressive NPS is not just a reflection of our success, but also a positive signal for the broader enterprise SaaS and SRM industries. It demonstrates that with a commitment to innovation, customer-centric design, and responsive support, it is possible to exceed industry standards and deliver exceptional value.

An NPS of 67 sets a new benchmark for customer satisfaction in the industry. It encourages other enterprises to prioritize customer engagement and strive for excellence in their service delivery. This enthusiasm for our platform exemplifies the impact of a well-designed, user-centric solution.


Craft’s NPS of 67 is a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of our platform. By continuing to listen to and engage with our customers, we are committed to maintaining and enhancing this high level of satisfaction. This achievement not only highlights our success, but also sets a new standard for the enterprise SaaS industry, inspiring others to elevate their customer engagement and service excellence.