Craft launches Company Intelligence for Salesforce

Starting from today, there’s an easier way to build your target account list, track your prospects and keep an eye on your direct competitors. Craft Company Intelligence is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Craft Company Intelligence for Salesforce delivers real-time insights on any company in your pipeline. View key people, locations, and the latest company news in real-time directly against your target accounts. And you can also track changes in revenues, hiring, web traffic and more – we track 300+ types of data.

When building your target accounts list, you’d normally run a basic search by company size and revenues. With the Craft app you can also take advantage of advanced additional insights to discover how your products can solve their problems.

Craft can also help you in competing against other providers. You can use data and insights on your competitors to create in-depth battle cards and design competitive pricing strategies.

The validity and recency of prospect data is a common concern for sales teams. Craft offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date data on companies, which is further validated by Machine Learning and a human curation team. And because Craft provides continuously updated insights on your target customer list, you will know when the best time is to reach out.

You can add Craft Company Intelligence to your account Salesforce account today!