Craft offers the most up-to-date, validated, and comprehensive intelligence on the ecosystem around an enterprise. The Craft Intelligence Portal delivers this company data, analytics, and actionable insights into a dedicated, secure and customizable, cloud-based enterprise application. It enables anyone in an enterprise to search and access insights from over 2 billion data points on millions of public and private companies. The company coverage can be fully customized to customers’ needs, ensuring the delivery of complete data on the specific companies relevant to the enterprise.

The Craft Intelligence Portal combines data from both traditional and alternative sources, including geographic locations, financials, operational, human capital, environmental, social and governance insights all within a single platform. This unique data aggregation enables the discovery of previously untracked insights and signals across the supply chain, customer, competitor, and extended ecosystems.

Craft Portal users can access premium datasets not available on Craft’s company directory website, including court filings, cybersecurity breaches, blacklists, and real-time notifications about any changes. They can customize their company tracking dashboards and set personalized alerts for any significant changes. The portal offers unlimited use across the enterprise, real-time updates, and a continuous data validation loop using Machine Learning. New available data sources are added weekly.

Our Craft Intelligence Portal enables virtually any team in the enterprise to make better-informed business decisions:

  • Supply chain monitoring: instant visibility into the supplier long-tail and real-time alerts about partners’ instability and weaknesses
  • Sales intelligence: improved time to close with in-depth, validated data on leads and prospects
  • Risk and compliance management: assessing the ecosystem’s exposure to risk, using ESG metrics, blacklists, court filings, and data breaches
  • Market and competitive intelligence: benchmarking market positions and track competitors’ operating metrics and recruiting activities
  • Corporate development: identifying new partner or acquisition targets with advanced searching across locations, financials, operating metrics, and human capital
  • Talent and people analytics: monitoring competitors’ talent pools and recruiting activities in real-time across locations and hiring categories.

The Craft Intelligence Portal is a part of Craft’s always-on intelligence platform delivering commercial data, analytics, and actionable insights to the enterprise.

  • Craft Intelligence Portal – a dedicated, secure and customizable company intelligence portal for the enterprise.
  • Craft API – a single call API for integration of Craft’s always-on company intelligence into enterprise internal systems.
  • Powered by Craft – comprehensive, validated and always up-to-date company data, analytics and insights delivered via seamless integrations into enterprise applications including Coupa, Salesforce, SAP, Sharepoint, and Tableau.
  • Craft Company Directory – a searchable directory on a selection of companies, offering basic company profiles.

Learn more about the Company Intelligence Portal here or reach out to us at to schedule a demo.