Improving supplier discovery and evaluation is crucial in 2021

Rising disruptions in the global supply chain are driving companies to look to build more resilient supply chains. This often means discovering and securing additional suppliers to mitigate potential risk and avoid disruptions.

The process of finding and understanding supplier data is slow, arduous, and frustrating. Data is often scattered, unreliable, and hard to find. The large amounts of data, and frequent gaps in that data, make it difficult to benchmark and compare suppliers. This, in turn, slows decision making and leads to misinformed, costly supply chain decisions. 

Discover New Suppliers with Craft Compare

Discovering new, reliable suppliers is a crucial way to mitigate risk, improve supply chain resilience, and access new, innovative companies. Craft Compare allows users to search for suppliers they would like to compare, and then automatically generates suggested suppliers based on their selection. With each new company a user selects, additional suppliers will be suggested to accelerate the supplier discovery process. 

Evaluate Potential Suppliers with Craft Compare

Craft’s supplier comparison tool allows users to quickly compare crucial data points from numerous companies in a simple, side-by-side view. This side-by-side view helps supply chain and procurement professionals gain a better understanding of strengths, weaknesses, red flags, and potential supplier challenges. Users can quickly see how similar companies stack up against each other in key areas like financial metrics, operation metrics, social and human operating metrics, D&B financials, SecurityScorecard security ratings, and more. 

How to get started

If your organization is already using Craft, getting started is easy. Just login at and click on “Compare” in the sidebar on the left hand side. You can begin searching and selecting suppliers right away. 

If your organization is not yet using Craft and you’d like to learn more about Craft’s Supplier Intelligence Platform, click here.