Cloudflare, the leading web infrastructure and website security firm, has selected the enterprise and supplier intelligence company, in order to better identify Cloudflare customers’ bottlenecks and potential resolutions. Companies ranging from media conglomerate Thomson Reuters to marketing technology developer Hubspot use the CDN provider, and having quicker ways to manage pain points will have positive downstream effects in the many sectors Cloudflare operates in. 

In order to continuously gather reliable data on customer usage, Cloudflare needed an API that was able to deliver relevant vendor data quickly and efficiently. After testing the functionalities and realizing that the API could deliver on the requirements, the San Francisco-based enterprise quickly engaged Craft for this intelligence function.

Over 7 million active websites use Cloudflare, and the company serves thousands of enterprise customers. For CDN providers and website infrastructure organizations, enterprise intelligence products such as have become increasingly pivotal in identifying customers who require better cloud deployment management, improved network security systems and more.

“We are thrilled to assist Cloudflare in making informed decisions around their customers’ needs”, said Ilya Levtov, co-founder and CEO of “They are a recognized global leader in providing critical web services to companies all over the world, and we believe our real-time data will lead to quicker, actionable solutions for their teams and their customers.” 

While’s data has recently found increased utility among large technology providers, the platform has mostly catered towards supplier intelligence solutions that mitigate supply chain risk, offer visibility into suppliers’ ethical and environmental scores, identify and monitor cybersecurity profiles, and more.’s customers, including Fortune 500 and government entities, span multiple industries that have large globally interconnected supply chains and a need to monitor and understand those supply chains in detail.