How to Build and Execute an Effective Supplier Risk Management Strategy

Managing a global supply chain has never been more challenging, with complex, ever-evolving regulations, increasingly frequent extreme weather events, volatile geopolitical crises, and sophisticated cybercrime. To evolve from constant crisis mode to proactive risk mitigation, you need a comprehensive view of your entire supplier network and reliable, actionable intelligence. In this webinar, we’ll share three crucial components of a successful supplier risk management strategy, and how Craft’s Supplier Risk Management solution can help you: Understand risk across your entire supplier network Leverage intelligent AI-driven signals to build resilience against disruptions Create smoother collaboration across departments.

Learn how to:

  • Make better data-driven supplier decisions
  • Be proactive and recognize risk signals before disruption occurs
  • Improve efficiency by focusing on the issues that are most critical to your business
  • Mitigate risk faster with streamlined collaboration across supply chain, procurement, finance, IT, and other departments

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